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Amplification etc. | Tim Robinson Guitarist

Gypsy Jazz Guitar


To amplify the acoustic guitar I have a Schertler DYN-G transducer and either a Schertler David or an AER Compact 60
amplifier. I can highly recommend this system for a realistic acoustic sound reproduction.

For more of
a post-war Django electric sound, I use a Miller pickup on the acoustic guitar, or my ES175. For amplification I use a Laney Cub 10 low wattage valve amplifier.
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Recently I've been lent this fantastic Nuance valve amp designed specifically for a vintage Django electric sound. Website here:

Check out me playing a Nuance VLT6-10 below!

I seem to be constantly searching for the perfect pick. Currently I am using these excellent GUZZ s3 guitar picks. Highly recommended!
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