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soundslice transcriptions | Tim Robinson Guitarist

Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Soundslice is an amazing web app allowing synched audio/video with music notation and guitar tab.

Soundslice has many amazing features including:
- Pick from different audio sources using the “Audio Source” button on the bottom
- Use the “cog” icon (bottom right) to view full screen, adjust volume, even transpose
- Loop sections easily by clicking and dragging across the notation
- Enable fretboard fretboard view (bottom right) by clicking on the fretboard
- There a many more
features, see here for more information

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Here's a composite chorus of Django's "walking bass" style of comping taken from his accompaniment to Stephane Grappelli's solo on "Them There Eyes" from 1947

Don't forget you can slow it down and loop sections!

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Here's a quick Django Reinhardt ii-V-I lick in G. It's from his recording of "Ton Doux Sourire"

The key to getting this lick to sound nice and crunchy is the double downstroke on the top E string.

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Here's a transcription of Django's unaccompanied solo piece from 1949: Improvisation #4. Curiously left out of Michael Horowitz's excellent book Unaccompanied Django.
I've recently rerecorded the piece and uploaded it into Soundslice. You can view the interactive notation below. Use the Audio source button on the bottom to toggle between my version and Django's original.

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“In The Mists III:Andante” by Leos Janacek, transcribed from piano for classical guitar

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“Douce Ambiance” Intro 1947

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“Time On My Hands” Intro 1939

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Here’s Django’s Solo from “My Melancholy Baby” recorded in Rome 1949

You can toggle between Django’s version and my version on youtube using the “Audio Source” button at the bottom

View it full screen by using the cog icon, bottom right

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Here’s Django’s melody and solo on “It Had To Be You” from 1947

Use the “Audio Source” button at the bottom to toggle between my version and Django’s original

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Here’s Django’s solo on “I Surrender, Dear” from 1949

You can toggle between an audio of me playing it, and Django’s original

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I’ve started transcribing some of Django’s intros. Videos are on my Instagram stream

Night And Day Intro 1939

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Jeepers Creepers Intro 1939

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Shameless Plug:
 My “10 Minor Swing Guitar Exercises” course is now on Soundslice:
Only $15. Access from any computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection

You can view a preview of the course below

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