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Gypsy Jazz Guitar

I am very pleased that my Gypsy Jazz licks app is available for both iPad and Desktop platforms.

Details below.

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From the App store:


In this app Tim Robinson shows you how to play thirty two carefully selected licks to help you understand and master the Gypsy Jazz style. The licks will enhance your playing and cover the styles of Django Reinhardt and the greats of modern Gypsy Jazz. The licks can be played over common chord progressions including ii-V-I, minor ii-V-i, intros, endings and many others that you can adapt for different musical situations.

For each of the thirty two licks the app includes:
- Video demonstration by Tim, with two camera angles to show fretting and picking hand details.
- Audio recording at both full and half speed, including rhythm guitar backing track to help you hear the lick in context.
- Tab player to replay each lick at any speed (40-200bpm) to help you practise most effectively.
- Full tab and notation with Tim's picking and fingering suggestions.
- Text commentary with Tim's notes on each lick.
- Animated tab and fretboard showing the notes and strings being played in time with the lick audio.

In addition to this comprehensive set of licks the app includes a Techniques video section where Tim explains and demonstrates some of the key techniques and concepts used in Gypsy Jazz. Topics covered include picking, enclosures, sweep picking and triplet embellishments.

With this app you can begin your journey to mastering the Gypsy Jazz style and start incorporating the spirit of Django into your own playing.

Tim Robinson is an experienced Gypsy Jazz guitar player and teacher. All video, audio, tab and text content is downloaded along with the app - no WiFi or streaming required to view the content.

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Download iPad app here:

Download Desktop app here:

App developed by Leafcutter Studios

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