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Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Further Reading:
Viper's Dream - Excellent Gypsy Jazz band!
Patrick Naylor - Patrick Naylor’s homepage
Sara Mitra - brilliant vocalist
Andy Aitchison - one of the UK’s finest jazz violinists
Fromajio - Dan Teper's alter ego. Cheese and accordion mayhem.


I am proud to be an endorser of Guzz picks and accessories
The Django Reinhardt Swing Page - Premier site for Django info.
Gypsy Jazz in Germany Michael Horovitz’ essential gypsy jazz resource site Excellent French site with lots of free playalongs Brilliant US based French guitarist, lots of great playalongs great vintage guitars at sensible prices (near Oxford, UK) Rare jazz, jazz guitar and gypsy jazz on vinyl and CD
Vintage Guitars on Community and marketplace connecting local buyers with global dealers and builders Hundreds of Django tunes and solos for Band In A Box A site listing links to all things Gypsy Jazz

I use the excellent Notion and Notion for iPad: